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Information Literacy Modules migrated from the former ILM course

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Information Literacy Introduction


””Information Literacy

Information literacy is the set of integrated abilities encompassing the reflective discovery of information, the understanding of how information is produced and valued, and the use of information in creating new knowledge and participating ethically in communities of learning.


  • understanding essential concepts about the information system;
  • engaging in creative inquiry and critical reflection to develop questions and to find, evaluate, and manage information through an iterative process;
  • creating new knowledge through ethical participation in communities of learning, scholarship, and civic purpose; and
  • adopting a strategic view of the interests, biases, and assumptions present in the information system.


The Information Literacy Module is a set of web-based instructional activities designed to teach students the following information literacy skills:

  1. How to determine the extent of information needed
  2. How to access the needed information
  3. How to evaluate information and its sources critically
  4. How to use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose
  5. How to access and use information ethically and legally 



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About the ILM

About the ILM


The Information Literacy Module (ILM) will introduce several key concepts which will aid in academic research and personal information seeking. There are six modules or sections, each of which has several subsections.

ENC1101 Students


This guide is designed as an open "textbook" to help with the Information Literacy content in Comp I, ENC1101 courses. You can use this guide to review before answering the Information Literacy Final questions, as well as referring to it as you work on the final questions. You will need to access the PHSC Library Resources in order to complete the ILM content.


Other students

You have full access to all of the Information Literacy Content to help you at any time. For specific guidance on using Library Resources (catalog and database searching), check out section 5 Searching as Strategic Exploration, Parts 1 & 2.



Modules / Sections

You may use this content at any networked computer on or off campus. It is open to all students and the 6 modules are designed to be completed in sequential order. If you are working on the Information Literacy  in ENC1101, your course might link to various parts of this Information Literacy Guide as that material comes up in the Comp I course. There are self check quizzes you can do for each section and many of those questions (or similar ones) will appear in the Information Literacy Final questions in your Comp I course. You should find the Information Literacy Final questions, grouped in most Modules.

Example: If your Comp I course covers the Information Literacy Module topic, Information Creation is a Process, in Module 2, you will find the Information Literacy Final Questions for Information Creation as an assignment in Module 2 of the Comp I course.

The average time required to go through each section varies from about 20 minutes to 50 minutes.

If you are going through all the ILM content, please allow yourself a week minimum to go through all of the modules for a complete review. There is a significant amount of information in the modules and cramming will do you a disservice.

To Complete a Module

Read the objectives for the module to understand the essential elements you should learn. Read through the instructional content of the module. For some modules, you will need to follow links to library resources or websites and utilize the tools to fully understand the concepts. If you have any questions at any point, please contact your campus library and we will be happy to help you out.


How Do I Access Library Resources and Electronic Library Databases

PHSC library resources include our list of databases and Primo, our library catalog. You will need to be logged into the library resources in order to complete many of the self-checks and the Final. 

Logging In:

There is an instant login link in the course navigation in ALL your courses, including this one. 

  1. Once you are inside a course, click on the Electronic Library Resources tab in the course navigation.
  2. Click on the blue "Open in New Tab" button.

That's it! You're now connected to Primo, the library catalog. You can search for physical material (print books etc.) as well as electronic material. Click the sign in Link in the upper right corner and select the SSO PHSC Portal option. It should automatically sign you in. You will see a link to the A to Z list of library databases at the top of the page above the search box. The A-Z Databases list will allow you to search a single database.

Note: when searching the Library Catalog (Primo VE) you will need to sign in- click the sign in link in the upper right and click on the option labeled "Single Sign On - login with your PHSC Portal Login". If you are already "logged in" it will usually auto connect you. If not, use your login credentials.

Your Login Credentials:

The easiest way to log into the library resources is by clicking on Electronic Library Resources link in your course, and then you should be auto signed in to everything when you click sign in from Primo. If you don't get auto logged in, your login is the same as the PHSC student portal - your student email and password.