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Civic Literacy: Books & e-Books

Provides resources to assist students with studying for the Florida Civic Literacy Exam.


To learn how to download ebooks onto your computer or tablet see our research guide on the topic HERE.

E-books are books that have been downloaded into the library catalog for increased access.  They contain all of the content of a regular book.  E-books contain many useful features that make them easier to use than print books.  Such as:

  • You can access them whenever you want, whether or not the library is open.
  • While your session may expire with an e-book, you can always renew it.
  • Many e-books have a table of contents which allows you to jump to whatever chapter you are interested.
  • E-books have a search bar which allows you to search a word, phrase, or a few words. The search will give you every time the word has been used in the book and will take you directly to those pages.


Finding Books at PHSC

The Library's books are shelved according to the Library of Congress' classification system.  

Want to browse the shelves?

Civic Literacy covers several subjects, including United States History, Political Science, and Law. Try the following areas:

E      United States History

  • 186-199    Colonial period (1607-1775)
  • 201-298    Revolution (1775-1783)
  • 302-337    Confederation and Constitutional period (1783-1809)
  • 341-738    19th century (1809-1900)
  • 740-889    20th century (1901-2000)
  • 895-919    21st century (2001-present)

F      United States Local History

  • 306-320     Florida history 

J     Political Science

  • JK     Political institutions and public administration (United States)
  • JS     Local government and municipal government

K     Law

  • KF     Law of the United States (Federal)
  • KFF   Law of Florida

Reading Library of Congress Call Numbers

Reading LC Call Numbers

  • describes the subject arearead in alphabetical order
  • 66 -  describes the topic:read as a whole number
  • B634- describes the author's last name or title of work: read in alphabetical order, then the number as a decimal
  • 1999  - date of publication:read in chronological order