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Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Violence: Teen Dating Violence

This LibGuide provides a thorough review of intimate partner violence in both adult and teen relationships. Links to numerous national, state and local community resources and relative research materials are included.

Teen Dating Violence

Teen Dating Violence (TDV) is abusive and coercive behavior in teen dating relationships. Like domestic violence the intent behind the abuse is to gain power and control over a partner. While the power tactics to control one's partner and the types of abuse are similar to domestic violence, TDV is differentiated from domestic violence because of the young age of those involved. Victims can be as young as 12-years-old. Considering the vulnerability of those affected, there is a significant focus on early education and prevention of TDV.

What is Teen Dating Violence?

The link below from the New York State Teen Dating Abuse Awareness and Prevention page defines and describes types of dating abuse and has additional information pertaining to consent.

The Teen Power and Control Wheel Explained

This video from Safe Passages gives an overview of the Teen Power and Control Wheel.

Safe Passage. (2020, April 9). TDV Video 6: Teen Dating Violence Part 2 [Video]. YouTube.

How Prevalent is is Teen Dating Violence in the United States?

These two links from the CDC include recent statistics regarding dating violence in the Unites States. 

Compare the Components of the Teen Dating Equality Wheel to the Teen Power and Control Wheel

Equality in Dating Relationships (n.d.). University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Counseling Center.

Teen Power and Control Wheel (n.d.). National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence.

Teen Dating Violence and Technology

Join One Love. (2022, September 7). Unhealthy Connections: Can we just talk? [Video]. YouTube.

Join One Love. (2022, October 3). Unhealthy Connections: It’s her or me! [Video]. YouTube.

Join One Love. (2022, September 12). Unhealthy Connections: You always ignore me! [Video]. YouTube.

Components of Healthy Teen Dating Relationships

This video from Safe Passages describes components of a healthy dating relationship.

Safe Passage. (2020, April 9). What Makes a Healthy Relationship? [Video]. YouTube.

Early Indicators of Teen Dating Violence

This link from provides a list of some common early warning signs of abuse in dating relationships.

Consent and How to Respond If You Feel Unsafe

Understanding consent in relationships is explained in a lighthearted clean video from Blue Seat Studio. The second link lists ways to stay safe and respond to a situation when your physical boundaries are not being respected. 

Tools to Recognize Teen Dating Violence Month in your School or Community

February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness month. There are endless ways to raise awareness about TDV in your school, community or on social media. Below are toolkits to get you started. The third link, titled Take a Stand includes 6 TDV learning modules and materials that can be implemented in a group or classroom setting.  

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