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Paralegal Research Guide: Books & E-books

Provides resources for those interested in the paralegal profession.

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Tips for searching

Type keywords in the search field to find books that you are looking for.

If you get too many results, try using the Refine my Results bar on the left to receive more accurate results.

If you cannot find the book that you need from one of our libraries, try searching libraries statewide through UBorrow. Once you perform a search, there will be a link in the upper right hand corner.


E-books are books that have been downloaded into the library catalog for increased access.  They contain all of the content of a regular book.  E-books contain many useful features that make them easier to use than print books.  Such as:

  • You can access them whenever you want, whether or not the library is open.
  • While your session may expire with an e-book, you can always renew it.
  • Many e-books have a table of contents which allows you to jump to whatever chapter you are interested.
  • E-books have a search bar which allows you to search a word, phrase, or a few words. The search will give you every time the word has been used in the book and will take you directly to those pages.

To learn how to download ebooks onto your computer or tablet see our research guide on the topic here.

Finding Paralegal Books at PHSC

The Library's Books are shelved according to the Library of Congress' classification system.  

Want to browse the shelves?

The Library of Congress classification for Law is (K) and the section for US Law is (KF)


  • KF      1-9827 Federal law, common and collective state law Individual states
  • KFA    1-599 Alabama
  • KFA    1201-1799 Alaska
  • KFA    2401-2999 Arizona
  • KFA    3601-4199 Arkansas
  • KFC    1-1199 California
  • KFC    1801-2399 Colorado
  • KFC    3601-4199 Connecticut
  • KFD    1-599 Delaware
  • KFD    1201-1799 District of Columbia
  • KFF    1-599 Florida
  • KFG    1-599 Georgia
  • KFH    1-599 Hawaii
  • KFI      1-599 Idaho
  • KFI      1201-1799 Illinois
  • KFI      3001-3599 Indiana
  • KFI      4201-4799 Iowa
  • KFK    1-599 Kansas
  • KFK    1201-1799 Kentucky
  • KFL     1-599 Louisiana
  • KFM    1-599 Maine
  • KFM    1201-1799 Maryland
  • KFM    2401-2999 Massachusetts
  • KFM    4201-4799 Michigan
  • KFM    5401-5999 Minnesota
  • KFM    6601-7199 Mississippi
  • KFM    7801-8399 Missouri
  • KFM    9001-9599 Montana
  • KFN    1-599 Nebraska
  • KFN    601-1199 Nevada
  • KFN    1201-1799 New Hampshire
  • KFN    1801-2399 New Jersey
  • KFN     3601-4199 New Mexico
  • KFN    5001-6199 New York
  • KFN    7401-7999 North Carolina
  • KFN    8601-9199 North Dakota
  • KFO    1-599 Ohio
  • KFO    1201-1799 Oklahoma
  • KFO    2401-2999 Oregon
  • KFP    1-599 Pennsylvania
  • KFR    1-599 Rhode Island
  • KFS    1801-2399 South Carolina
  • KFS    3001-3599 South Dakota
  • KFT     1-599 Tennessee
  • KFT    1201-1799 Texas
  • KFU    1-599 Utah
  • KFV    1-599 Vermont KFV2401-2999 Virginia
  • KFW   1-599 Washington
  • KFW   1201-1799 West Virginia
  • KFW   2401-2999 Wisconsin
  • KFW   4201-4799 Wyoming
  • KFX    1-9999 Individual cities, A-Z
  • KFZ    1801-2399 Northwest Territory
  • KFZ    8601-9199 Confederate States of America

Reading Library of Congress Call Numbers

Reading LC Call Numbers

  • describes the subject arearead in alphabetical order
  • 66 -  describes the topic:read as a whole number
  • B634- describes the author's last name or title of work: read in alphabetical order, then the number as a decimal
  • 1999  - date of publication:read in chronological order