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Course Reserves: BIOLOGY

Course reserve material, including textbooks, available by campus for in library use.

BSC1005 -- Introduction to Biology

BSC1020 -- Human Biology

BSC1050 -- Introduction to Environmental Science

BSC1085 -- Human Anatomy and Physiology I

BSC1085L / 1086L-- Human Anatomy and Physiology I / II Laboratory

Anatomy Models

  • Torso Including Female Reproductive Model and Guide
  • Muscular Arm and Stand
  • Muscular Leg and Stand
  • Giant Heart with Pericardium and Diaphragm
  • Heart Model -- Enlarged 2x (6-Part)
  • Lung -- Including Heart, Larynx, and Diaphragm (7-Part)
  • Digestive System (3-Part)
  • Digestive System (Activity Set)
  • Endocrine System (Activity Set)
  • Kidney Section with Renal Nephron and Renal Corpuscle
  • Female Pelvis (2-Part)
  • Male Pelvis (2-Part)
  • Female Reproductive System (Activity Set)
  • Male Reproductive System (Activity Set)
  • Deluxe Spinal Cord
  • Brain (8-Part)
  • Eye Model (6-Part)
  • Eye in Orbit (6-Part)
  • Giant Three-Part Ear
  • Human Skeleton (Flexible)
  • Human Skull (Numbered with Key)
  • Respiratory System Activity Set
  • Skull
  • Upper Limb Box (11-Part)
  • Lower Limb Box (11-Part)
  • Spine Box (4-Part)
  • Rib Box (27-Part)

BSC1086 -- Human Anatomy and Physiology II

BSC1311 -- Marine Biology

BSC2010 -- Biology I

BSC2010L -- Biology I Laboratory

BSC2011 -- Biology II

BSC2011L -- Biology II Laboratory

MCB2010 -- Microbiology