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Metal Music Research: Video


There are many excellent film sources for heavy metal research, including Documentaries and Music Videos. For popular films with heavy metal themes, see For Fun. All links and information default to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

Many films are available for free at a public library or can be ordered via interlibrary loan (ILL). Pasco County Libraries, Hernando County Libraries, New Port Richey Library, and Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative all have DVDs available, as well as robust streaming collections via platforms like Hoopla and Kanopy. Check with your local branch for more details on how to access this material. 


DVD cover

Metal Evolution (TV Series, 2011-2014)

"Metal Evolution is broken down into episodes about a different piece of metal history. The series includes interviews with and about Alice Cooper, Slash, Lemmy, Rob Zombie, members of Megadeth, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Slayer, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Whitesnake, Def Leppard, The Stooges, ZZ Top, Soundgarden, Mötley Crüe, Poison, Rage Against the Machine, Alice in Chains, Korn, Slipknot, Lamb of God and more." - from IMDB

DVD cover

Metal: A Headbanger's Journey (2005)

"An examination of the heavy metal music subculture that tries to explain why, despite the longevity and popularity of the genre, fans are marginalized and ridiculed for their passion." - from IMDB

DVD cover

Global Metal (2008)

"A continued examination of the heavy metal subculture focusing on the adaptation and performance of heavy metal in various global communities, and how the increased import of Western cultural forms has impacted new global markets." - from IMDB

DVD cover

Heavy Metal in Baghdad (2007)

"In the late summer of 2006, in the middle of the insurgency, filmmakers Eddy Moretti and Suroosh Alvi traveled to Baghdad to meet and interview the only heavy metal band in Iraq, Acrassicauda. "Heavy Metal in Baghdad" is the story of the band and its members, young Iraqis whose lives have been distorted and displaced by years of continual warfare in their homeland. The filmmakers have collected glimpses into the struggles of Acrassicauda as they try to stay together and stay alive. Their struggle is the untold story of the hopes and dreams of an entire generation of young Iraqis." - from IMDB

DVD cover

Heavy Metal Parking Lot (1986)

"A look at the wild scene outside a Judas Priest concert" - from IMDB

DVD cover

Anvil: The Story of Anvil (2008)

"Since 1978, Anvil has become one of heavy metal's most influential yet commercially unsuccessful acts. In 2006, after a fledging European tour Anvil sets out to record their thirteenth album and continue to follow their dreams." - from IMDB

TV Show poster

Behind the Music (TV Series, 1997-2014)

"Musical artists, their careers, their highs, their lows and everything in between are profiled and interviewed." - from IMDB

Music Videos

Metal music videos are generally available on YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion. But a good place to search is the Internet Music Video Database, which is a massive catalog of information about music videos. Two classics from Twisted Sister and Metallica are included below.


For Fun

Movie poster

This is Spinal Tap (1984)

"Spinal Tap, one of England's loudest bands, is chronicled by film director Marty DiBergi on what proves to be a fateful tour." - from IMDB

Movie poster

School of Rock (2003)

"After being kicked out of his rock band, Dewey Finn becomes a substitute teacher of an uptight elementary private school, only to try and turn his class into a rock band." - from IMDB

Movie poster

Rock Star (2001)

"Lead singer of a tribute band becomes lead singer of the real band he idolizes." - from IMDB

TV Show poster

Metalocalypse (TV Series, 2006-2013)

"The epic and over-the-top adventures of Dethklok, the world's most successful death metal band." - from IMDB